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Friday, 21 February 2020

Good Conduct Certificate For Dependants Leaving Brunei

Before leaving Brunei it is advisable for dependants to obtain a Brunei Police Check and get a ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ if they wish to seek employment in the UK or at their next posting.

1) Complete Police form CRF1 - CRF1 Form can be obtained from the RPM and SSO Office

2) A copy of  your passport

3). A copy of your OGS stamp

4.) A copy of Garrison ID Card

5) Cash payment of $50

The process takes two weeks from point of submission to point of collection (possibly longer if Ramadan is on). Rhamdahi's offers a service whereby they do all the submission process for a small fee, however, they do not complete the form for you. The form must be completed by the applicant.

Take the form to pay your $50 to:

New police HQ – to make the payment and get the receipt. The address is:
Polis Diraja
Brunei – Central Police Station
Jalan Tungku
Mukim Gadon
Bandar Suri Bagawan

After payment take the forms and the receipt over to Old police HQ and drop off the forms for processing. 

Address for Old Police HQ is:
Ibu Pejabat
Polis Gadong
Jalan Gadong
Bandar Suri Bagawan

The process should take approximately 2 weeks. Collect the forms from Old Police HQ.

UK / RMP Police Checks via The Service Police Crime Bureau (SPCB)

Email Yvonne Cleverley
Yvonne is able to carry out checks of REDCAP and the Police National Computer, so any convictions spent or otherwise that are incurred whilst overseas as either a serving member of the British Armed Forces or a dependant, should be on either REDCAP or PNC, so long as we have been notified of the conviction; either through the RMP Unit or if the country has a sharing agreement with the UK (this would be with ACRO UKECR).

She is able to accept email requested to either:



Ask for an acknowledgement for your email.

To enable Yvonne to provide each individual with a Police certificate to cover any period spentoverseas; firstly they each need to provide her with the following information:

 Valid Proof of ID (Either photo page of Passport, photo driving licence or military ID card).
They can either scan the document or take a picture using a mobile phone or tablet and
attach this to their email.

 She also needs Full Name, Data and Place of Birth and current address.
The certificate can be emailed, with a hard copy posted.

Once Yvonne has received the above information from you; she has 40 calendar days in which to provide the certificate requested. Yvonne is not able to provide the Police Certificate to a third party.

Once left Brunei.
Once they have left Brunei it is still possible to obtain the RMP Police Check using the above method but they would have to follow the application process available at the below website once they have left: