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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

BFB Vigilance And Noise Etiquette

 BFB Vigilance

HQ BFB wants to remind all personnel including civilians, contractors and families to remain vigilant in their own personal security and the security of BFB as a whole.

Remaining vigilant is also proven to reduce crime and acts as a deterrent against opportunist thefts.

Any suspicious activity at all (no matter how insignificant) in and around BFB including SFA areas should be reported to the RMP immediately on 8716245, the Garrison Duty Officer 8746656 or 2 RGR Duty Officer on 8736236.

Suspicious activity may include the following:

· Unidentified persons watching BFB, videoing or taking photos.
· Being followed by suspicious persons.
· Unidentified persons hanging around in the same spot every day.
· Persons walking around SFA areas looking lost.
· Suspicious vehicles driving or riding slowly around or parked with persons observing

Noise Etiquette

All personnel who occupy SFA are reminded that in accordance with the Licence to Occupy British Forces Brunei and Tri-Service regulations JSP 464 that they are to comply with the following condition:

"Make or allow members of his or her household, invited guests or pets to make any noise that causes a nuisance to neighbours or can be heard outside the property between 11pm and 8am (or in accordance with local regulations where these are more stringent)".

It is incumbent upon all personnel to ensure the V&S of the British Army are valued, upheld and that an inclusive and cohesive community is promoted. Any personnel found to be contravening this order my face disciplinary or administrative action.